About KublaCon

All About the Fun!

KublaCon is dedicated to bringing people together from all walks of life to have communion and fellowship in the hobby of gaming.

Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable space for you and your friends and family where you can immerse yourself in a weekend long getaway from the real world and join us in a FUN distraction.

We’ve been doing this for the last 18 years and we invite you to join us in playing game, making new friends and—most importantly—having FUN!!

KublaCon Game Convention – The Khan of Cons

Games, Gaming, and Gamers

While these days there are many types of ‘games’, KublaCon presents a weekend of playing ‘hobby games.’ By this we mean the kinds of games where you join other players with paper, pen, dice, chits, meeples, figurines, cards, costumes, etc. Some might call this ‘old style’ gaming versus modern day computer gaming… we just call it FUN!

Hobby gaming takes many forms and formats, including: collectible card games (CCGs), board/tabletop games (TBL), and a variety of roleplaying games (RPGs). From casual ‘party’ style play, to more competitive tournament competition, you’ll find many different opportunities to enjoy your favorite games, or to learn new ones.

Beyond the games themselves, KublaCon strives to broaden your experience of the hobby of gaming, including: An Exhibit Hall filled with the latest games to purchase or peruse, seminars on all aspects of gaming from history to design, special events and seminars featuring Hobby Game celebrities, and a Young Player’s room designed to encourage critical thinking and to teach good social skills.

Above it all, you’ll meet organizers and attendees who LOVE gaming. You’ll meet gamers of all ages who take great joy in sharing their latest favorite game, organizing a quick tournament or just talking about the latest fun they’ve had.

How we got here – our roots.

In 1994, KublaCon’s founding Executive Producer, Japji Khalsa and longtime friend, Anthony Galella, produced a one-day Collectible Card gaming event in San Francisco called ManaFest. Proving to be a popular and successful gathering for the CCG revolution, ManaFest continued each year through 2000.

In 1998, KublaCon’s current Executive Producer, Mike Eckert, produced a Memorial Day weekend convention in Oakland called GameCon. GameCon was known for great Roleplaying games, Miniature wargaming and LARPs.

Then in 2000, ManaFest and GameCon began to talk about the relatively small size of their two conventions and the very different types of gamers each convention attracted. Since we all loved gaming of all types, discussions began to create KublaCon – changing the focus from strictly our own segments of gaming, to include all types of gaming.

So, in 2001, the newly merged and formed KublaCon was held in Oakland over Memorial Day Weekend. Held every Memorial Day weekend, KublaCon’s first two years were hosted at the Oakland Airport Hilton, but in 2003 moved to the more spacious Hyatt Regency SFO. Then in 2018 we expanded to include the Crowne Plaza SFO. The Hyatt and Crowne Plaza continue to be the home of KublaCon, and plans call for it to be there at least through 2022.

Many more years of fun on the horizon…

While one of our goals is to grow our attendance to maximize our space at the Hyatt, a more important goal that our entire team strives for is to FIND THE FUN! We’re always on the lookout for fun new games, events, vendors, or pretty much anything that can make for a fun KublaCon. If you think you have an idea to keep up the fun at KublaCon, please do contact us and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Our Awesome KublaCon Team:

  • Mike Eckert – Executive Producer
  • David Gabriel – Producer
  • Tom Van Zuiden – Associate Producer
  • Shelby Rivas – Director of Registration
  • Darby La Clair – Director of Logistics
  • Jeff Wilcox – Director of Attendee Experience
  • Jade Duguay – Assistant to the Exec. Dir.
  • David Jones – Exhibit Hall Manager
  • Tracey Jones – Registration Manager
  • Amy Jones – Event Registration Manager
  • Ray Sampson – ORLOCK Prime
  • John Furgerson – ORLOCK Second
  • Japji Khalsa – Executive Producer Emeritus
  • Lisa Nelson – Volunteer Grand Vizier
  • Jay Fitch – Logistics 2nd
  • Lisa La Mar – Volunteer Assistant
  • Inari O’Mara – M:TG Lead
  • Andrew Dang – CCG Lead
  • Jason La Mar – Table Top Tournaments
  • Brad Nozik – Historical Table Top
  • Sheila Van Zuiden – Game Library Assistant
  • Brian O’Hare – Table Top Assistant
  • Andrew Matzen – Game Library Assistant
  • Shelton Yee – ORPG AL Lead
  • Wendy-Ann Francis – ORPG PFS/SFS Co-Lead
  • John Francis – ORPG PFS/SFS Co-Lead
  • Dana Wittlinger – YP Co-Lead
  • Aimee Sampson – YP Co-Lead
  • Donna Livingston-Fitch – Little Players Lead
  • Cecily Leonard – Teen Lead
  • Andrew Hawes – The Mighty Kubla
  • Beth Hawes – YP Assistant
  • Heather Michel – YP Assistant
  • Topac Quinteros – Teen Assistant
  • Steve Kani – Teen Assistant
  • Hector Torres – Miniatures Coordinator
  • Dana Lombardy – War College Lead
  • Sara Graybill – Protospiel Assistant
  • John Schulters – Protospiel Assistant
  • Jenn Boyer – Game Design Assistant
  • Phil Boyer – Game Design Assistant
  • Meredith Somavia – Painting Arts Assistant
  • Ariana Jones – Hospitality Assistant
  • Doug Jenner – Retail Events Coordinator
  • Ronnie Rivas – CCG Lead Coordinator
  • Amanda Shanks – Table Top Games Coordinator
  • Vern Roberts – RPG Coordinator
  • Becky Thomas – Young Players & Teen Coordinator
  • Wayne Rogers – Painting Arts Coordinator
  • Joe Parzanese – LARP Coordinator
  • Jen Munns – Hospitality Coordinator
  • Luke Laurie – Protospiel Coordinator
  • Anthony Galella – Game Design Contest
  • Rennie Saunders – Special Events & Seminars
  • E. Ambriz DeColosio – Library Game Instructor
  • Joseph Brewer – Reg. Assistant
  • Jennifer Furgerson – ORLOCK
  • Jessica Brewer – ORLOCK
  • Damian Matzen – ORLOCK
  • Maggie Bracken – ORLOCK
  • Patryck Fitch –ORLOCK
  • Jeremy Thweat –Special Events Asst.
  • Richard Jones –Minis Assistant
  • Jeffrey DeCamp –Minis Assistant
  • Jeff Yin – RPG Asst
  • Andrew Van Zuiden – RPG Asst
  • Zack Weiler – RPG Asst
  • Hillary Jenkins – Library Game Instructor

PO Box 2113 | El Granada | CA 94018
call: (866) KublaCon or (866) 582-5226