KublaCon Collectible Pins

Our first year in 2001 began the tradition of a unique collector’s pin available in different colors

Choosing a new theme each year, we depict our affable, fun loving, Kubla in a variety of gaming caricatures.

From our classic sword themed Kubla, to Pirate Kubla, to our first Woman (Steam Punk) Kubla in 2011, we release him/her to the masses as a collectable pin.

You can purchase the red pin before the show or on site, and earn the other colors. See below for what the colors mean.

The final addition to our 5 pin themed set!

Sneaky Green Goblin Thief!

Taking a cue from our Female Elven Archer, we decided to create a full adventuring party of Kubla Pins, Posters, Minis and other merchandise!
Through 2018, each year we’ll add the next adventurer to the party so that, in the end, you’ll have a full party of adventurers to clip to your vest, hang on your wall, or drop onto your gaming table!

Not all heroes come in shining armor. It seems every group has ‘that one guy’ who is troublesome, rebellious and not-always-aligned with the values of the party. And yet… his stealth and skills are ultimately critical to the party’s success! “I’m checking for treasure!”

Kublacon pins

What the colors mean

Yellow: Winners! Folks who win tournaments at KublaCon win one of these in addition to any other prizes in that tournament. If you don’t win any tournaments, the only way you can get one of these is to beg or bribe…. etc. (see below).

Green: Volunteers– if you volunteer as a Host or GM at KublaCon, you get one of these pins FREE!

Purple: KublaCon Staff — this pin is printed in VERY limited quantities and is for producers, managers and other organizers of KublaCon. If you don’t fall into one of the above categories,the only way you can get one of these is to give Japji, our producer, “One Meeeelion Dollars”.

Red: Red is for our attendees! You can purchase them AT KublaCon for $10.95 plus tax. Or.. to be sure you get one.. Pre-order it for only $10.95 online. But be warned… we are printing these in VERY LIMITED quantities this year.

Blue: Dealer’s and special guests get these Blue Meanies! Of course… since our dealer room folks are here to “bring home the bacon”, you can probably buy one of theirs with an adequate offer.

Orange: Our superfans – our lifetime members – get these newly issued Orange pins to identify them as not only super gamers , but as solid supporters of KublaCon year after year. Thank you!

Pink: Each year we do a pink pin to support a gaming or youth focused charity. – $10ea on-site only.

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call: (866) KublaCon or (866) 582-5226

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