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Getting into Games at KublaCon!

KublaCon runs over 1000 events over the weekend, and there are many different TYPES of events.
Each category of game will have particular needs that determine how to sign up for that event.
For example: Collectible card games can usually accommodate whatever players arrive, but a boardgame that has a specific number of seats may only be able to handle 4, or 8, people.
ONLY RPG’s (Roleplaying games), some LARPS, and certain special events will require our lottery system called the GameShuffler. All other events such as collectible card games, miniatures, table top games, etc., will have signups for events at the signup desk for that type of event. Details of where and when signup sheets are available will be in the program book, onsite.

These games usually have Signup Sheets

Collectable Card Games
Historical and Fantasy Miniatures
Located in the ‘central command’ area of each department will be either a binder, or a bulletin board, that has sheets with the name of each event on it. Put your name on the list if there are spaces available. It is up to the head of each department as to WHEN they put out the signup sheets. It is usually limited to signups for that particular day, though in some cases it might include sheets for the whole weekend.It’s also up to the Coordinator how to handle overflow for high demand events.

These events do NOT usually have Signup Sheets.

Paint and Take
Protospiel Demos
War College

Games and events that are ‘ongoing’ or ‘show up and play’ will not have any sort of official signup system. Just arrive at the location and participate!

Organized Play groups handle their own signups.

Groups such as the Adventurer’s League and Pathfinder Society handle their own signups at their central location as noted in the program book.
Some of these groups allow for pre-convention signup using a custom online system such as Warhorn’s event management.
While they are Roleplaying Games, they do NOT typically use our Shuffler System (See below)

Most Non-Organized Play RPG’s, and scheduled Tabletop Games, are run through our Shuffler™

The limited availability of ‘seats’ at an RPG game requires a lottery system that randomly assigns players into games they want to play.
KublaCon’s Shuffler™ Program is what we use to give our attendees a fair chance of getting into their favorite RPG or TBL event.
Any event that requires the Shuffler will have an ASTERISK AT THE FRONT OF IT’S ID NUMBER on the event listing whether online or in the program book.
Learn more about the Shuffler and how it works.

Some events allow you to Purchase or Reserve a seat before the show.

Some of our special tournaments, such as our Settlers of Catan tourney, are so popular that we allow you to reserve a seat at the event through our registration page.

There isn’t usually a cost to reserve a seat, but you do have to complete the ‘purchase’ of your seat through our shopping cart, even if the total price is zero dollars.

Some events that you can purchase prior to the show DO have a fee associated with them. Reserving a space in the Flea Market as a vendor is an example of having to pay to reserve a seat in the event.We encourage you to reserve or purchase your seat at the same time that you purchase your weekend pass.

If you’re a GM, Lifetime Member, or have already paid for your registration, you can still reserve a seat by completing the ‘purchase’ of the seat online.

Many events are OPEN GAMES (Pickup Games)

Gamers love to share their favorite games with others… and will often just plop their game onto an open table and begin asking for interested players.

Likewise, with over 750 games to choose from in our GAME LIBRARY, it’s easy to pick a game you want to play and try to recruit some players to join you!

“Open Gaming” is a great way to quickly get into a game that catches your interest.

KublaCon has a couple of systems in place to encourage and support open gaming.
RPG game masters can post open games on the same bulletin board where the Shuffler announcements are made.
Likewise, anyone looking to run a game can post a paper flyer in areas throughout the convention, but you MUST USE BLUE PAINTER’S tape to do so!
The front registration desk will sometimes have blue tape you can borrow, but if you know you’re going to post event flyers… come prepared by bringing your OWN TAPE!

There’s a designated Open Gaming area in the Grand Ballroom, where the game library is located. We’ve also implemented an OPEN GAME FLAG system to help GM’s get players, and to help players locate open seats in the busy gaming room.

Learn the details of Open Gaming, our Flag system and our Game Library.

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