KublaCon Game Convention - Memorial Day Weekend MAY 23-27, 2019 HYATT REGENCY/CROWNE PLAZA SFO

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Signup Shuffler

KublaCon’s Game Shuffler™

With over 1,100 scheduled events – not including organized play – our Game Shuffler and Event Database gives interested players a fair chance to play in several of their favorite games over the weekend.
RPG’s (Roleplaying games), some LARPS, Scheduled Tabletop Events (TBL) and certain special events will require our lottery system called the Game Shuffler. All other events such as collectible card games, miniatures, etc., use signup sheets.


Which Games get Shuffled?

Shuffled events are marked differently whether you’re viewing the event online using our event search system, or whether you’re viewing the event in our PDF or printed program book.

  • All events have an ‘Event ID’ – number that is unique to that event.
  • If the event ID has an Asterisk (*) at the front of the number, then you MUST sign up for that event through the Game Shuffler.
    The event description of the individual game indicates whether it is a shuffled event.
    Near the bottom of the event description, near “More Info”, are words that say “Signup through the Shuffler” if the event is shuffled.

Create an online account to use the Shuffler

If you don’t plan to play in any Shuffled RPG events, you don’t need to create an online account
However, if you do, we encourage you to log into your current account, or make an account online before the show.
You may still want to make an account even if you don’t plan to use the Shuffler, because it’s also a tool for helping you find – and keep track of – events/games that you might want to join.

It also gives you the opportunity a few weeks before the show to pre-submit your Shuffler choices for games that are run through the Shuffler.

You are permitted to have ONE account only for submitting Shuffler Choices. Any violation of this one account rule is grounds for expulsion from the convention with no recourse or refund.

Your online account is NOT associated in any way with your paid convention registration. You can create a NEW ACCOUNT HERE.

Submit Shuffler requests online

BEFORE you submit Shuffler Requests, log into your account, and search for events that you want to play in, and note the EVENT ID of those events.

Remember that NOT ALL EVENTS ARE SHUFFLED! Only the ones as noted above.

Once you have a list of shuffled events that you’d like to try to get into, visit the Shuffler Requests page.

Use the pull down menus to select your 1st/2nd/3rd choice for each period. Be patient, as it takes a few moments to load!

It does NOT HELP YOUR CHANCES to select the same event as all 3 choices!

Once you’ve selected the events you want, hit the “Submit Choices” button, and you’ll be shown the events you’re currently requesting in the Shuffler.

You can submit requests online until May 15, 2019

We will only be Shuffling some of the spots in a given game. For instance, in an RPG with 6 player spots; we will Shuffle 4 and leave two for onsite Shuffling and drop-ins. The Shuffler will be run by May 15, 2019 so that many of you will know PRIOR to the show, what games you got into.

Event Signup Periods

The schedule of events includes the signup times for various blocks of games, or sessions. Please note that you may signup for events in ANY PERIOD that hasn’t reached its cutoff time. Prior to a period’s cutoff time, you will create/log in to your account and indicate your top 3 choices in order of preference for events that fall into the signup period.

What this means… is that you can choose to submit requests on Friday afternoon for events that happen ALL WEEKEND. Submitting your request early DOES NOT HELP you get into an event. Our Game Shuffler doesn’t factor in the time of your request.

You CAN MAKE CHANGE only until MAY 15, 2019. Under SignUp Cutoff Time change all to May 15 5:00PM.

Event Times SignUp Cutoff Time
Period 1 THU 5pm – FRI 8:59am Pre-shuffled Time TBD
Period 2 FRI 9am – 3:59pm Pre-shuffled Time TBD
Period 3 FRI 4pm – 7:59pm FRI 3:00 pm
Period 4 FRI 8pm – 7:59am FRI 7:00 pm
Period 5 SAT 8am – 11:59am FRI 7:00 pm
Period 6 SAT 12pm – 3:59pm SAT 11:00 am
Period 7 SAT 4pm – 7:59pm SAT 3:00 pm
Period 8 SAT 8pm – SUN 7:59am SAT 7:00 pm
Period 9 SUN 8am – 11:59am SAT 7:00 pm
Period 10 SUN 12pm – 3:59pm SUN 11:00 am
Period 11 SUN 4pm – 7:59pm SUN 3:00 pm
Period 12 SUN 8pm – 7:59am SUN 3:00 pm
Period 13 MON 8am – 4:59pm SUN 3:00 pm

Results can also be viewed online, or by logging into your account.

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call: (866) KublaCon or (866) 582-5226

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