Special Events

Special Events and Fun at KublaCon

At KublaCon we honestly believe ALL our events are Special!

But some events are more special than others!

We strive for a family experience that’ll have something fun and interesting for kids of all ages!

And some of our ‘special’ events get that title because they may not fall under a specific gaming category, or for that matter not even be a game at all. We have special painting events, a flea market, an auction, special events with Giant boards and pieces, podcasts, an annual blood drive, our War College, and the list goes on!

We’ve highlighted a few of those events here, with the full list/schedule of what we consider ‘Special Events’ at the bottom of this page.


Location: Bayside I & II
Hours: Throughout the weekend

Our team of avid painting and miniatures coordinators bring you a plethora of options to get your ‘artist’ on. Special painting events include Paint’n’Take, Speed Painting, Mini-painting contest, and seminars on how to paint and sculpt your figures.

Here’s a chance for you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the con, sit a spell at the Painting Table, and try your hand at painting a new exciting miniature from the leading manufacturers.
Our sponsors provide a sampling of their latest releases for you to choose from. The painting table is set up with paints, lights, water, etc. for you to use. You can bring your own paints, brushes and miniatures, or try your hand at painting a supplied figure and give it a go! Knowledgeable mini-painters are on hand to offer assistance to beginners.

Speed Painting Contest
Can you paint a masterpiece in half-an-hour? Give it your best shot, and win fame, fortune and…Share Rewards points! All materials are provided, and contestants are judged immediately after by Kubla Staff. Winners are invited back for a Masterclass Speed-painting session Sunday evening at 6:00 pm.

Mini-painting Contest
Submit your fully painted miniatures at the Painting Events desk in the Grand Foyer. Submissions will be accepted up until 12:00 noon Sunday. Entries must be submitted in person by the artist themselves. Entries must be the work of the painter submitting them, or else be disqualified. Winning entries from previous years may not be submitted.


Location: The Grove in the Atrium
Hours: Friday 11pm – 1am

Location: Grand Peninsula Ballroom A
Hours: Monday 9am – noon.
The Flea Market runs on Friday AND Monday!

There is no charge to shop for items, but you MUST have a convention badge band on to get in. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you wish to display your wares and sell stuff, you’ll need to purchase space. You can purchase a Friday space for $45.00 with a convention preregistration through the Web site or for $45.00 onsite if there are spaces available.
Monday Space is $30.

It’s first come first served for the spaces. We are trying to have tables for all spaces. Sellers can set up 45 mins before Flea Market opens. NO SALES UNTIL 11pm except to LIFETIME Members who gain access 15 minutes early.


Location: Boardroom 3 – Atrium Level
Hours: Check War College schedule for specific times over the weekend.
Dana Lombardy, historian and game designer, rallies the troops to create an informative and fun series of seminars exploring tactics, technology and politics of famous battles and events throughout history.
From Napoleon to ‘Nam, there’s sure to be something that’ll spark your interest… and help make your games better!


The Robert A. Heinlein ‘Pay it Forward’ blood drive is your chance to be a real hero. The Pacific Blood Center is out for your blood, so step up and face the needle. Each donor will receive a cloisonne pin designed by Robert Heinlein for the first Science Fiction blood drive 30 years ago and 5 Share Rewards points.


Here’s the current list of special events, tournaments, giant games, seminars and more.

PO Box 2199 | El Granada | CA 94018
call: (866) KublaCon or (866) 582-5226

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