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Elisa Teague

Game Industry Ambassador

Elisa Teague is a tabletop game designer who has worked on well over 100 titles, including board and card games as well as RPGs. A veteran of the game industry of 18 years, her most recent titles include Lions, Tigers & Bears (UltraPRO), Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s WalkApocrypha Adventure Card Game, and new versions of her hit geeky trivia party game, Geek Out!, as well as adventure modules and content for RPGs such as Kids on Bikes and Dungeons & Dragons. She recently wrote the first Competitive Epic for D&D Adventurer’s League ever written by a woman, and it was filled with puzzle challenges – a specialty of hers as a puzzle designer for various books, escape rooms, ARGs, and corporate events. As a GM, her story-telling style, props and visuals, as well as creative encounters take the crunch out of gameplay and put the emphasis on an welcoming roleplaying environment.