Help create a great event by volunteering!

Giving back to the gaming community as a volunteer, whether as a host or as a GM, provides not only great personal satisfaction, but gives back to the hobby that we all love.

The staff of over 70 people, over 340 Game Masters, and 50 plus volunteers all contribute to the creation of our event in their own ways.


We categorize Volunteers separately from GM’s (GameMasters) as their roles – and what we expect from them -are quite different. Volunteers are the nuts and bolts of making the convention run. They’re the greeters in line, the crowd control for Mighty Kubla, and anything else that doesn’t require much pre-convention preparation.

For a more detailed overview of how to use our Events and Tasks website, read the full Volunteer Guide in PDF form.

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call: (866) KublaCon or (866) 582-5226

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